Publishing and distribution of the Russian language press in Europe

Profit Medien provides the services of introducing the popular Russian language printed media products into the markets of Europe, USA and Canada.

We bring popular Russian newspapers, magazines and books closer to the readers in foreign countries.

The company was founded in 2009 to satisfy the demand for the Russian language press in Western countries. Unlike the other companies performing on this market, the founders of Profit Medien are former top-managers of the leading Russian and international publishing houses, with a substantial experience of the new products launches in the international markets. The ability to determine the potential of the product, perform market research, to choose the right page volume and size, build-up advertising campaign and to determine the appropriate distribution channels, as well as to introduce the product to advertisers – these are only some of our team’s professional skills.



During several years we provide professional translation services from German or English into Russian language. If you are looking for a professional text adoptation by native speakers - you can rely on our translaters and proof-readers.

Example of our translation could be found under this link:

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